Membres du conseil d’administration

Danielle Gaudreault

Founder and President of the foundation

Le souffle de la fondation

Danielle has worked in the accounting field for over 30 years. In her professional and personal life, she is recognized as a woman who knows how to accept challenges and support people so that they can recover from any situation. By her joie de vivre that she likes to share, most people who will have met her will tell you that she quickly became a friend. Danielle is a conqueror; she is also a woman of heart for whom the family occupies a very important place in her life. Very recently, a serious illness that wanted to isolate her from those she loves, totally mobilized her in a cause that quickly turned into a deep passion, that of raising awareness and educating the population on the importance of protecting and respecting immunosuppressed people. Today, the Un Bec Soufflé Foundation is deeply animating it because it allows her to develop, with her team, concrete solutions to this problem that is too often overlooked.

Sylvie Leclerc

Secretary of the Foundation

Administrative Assistant
Customer service – IG Wealth Management

Suzie Gaudreault

Foundation administrator

SG Consultant
Consultant – Business management

Jessica Trudeau

Foundation administrator

Nancy Mainville

Clinical nurse Pivot worker

The foundation team

Maxine Lampron

Beautician Owner
Aesthetics oncology

Saint-Bruno Laser Hair Removal Center Inc.

Céline Gaudreault